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About Us



Introducing Erica aka Thirsty! Proud Irish American podcaster who has been on the scene since 2016. Avid lover of video games, board games, Tv/Movies, and everything nerdy. She’s always looking for conventions and indie artist to interview and always looking for the latest scoop. Join her weekly to hear abou her undying love for Nintendo and Houstons nerd/geek lifestyle.







And this…This is Jon.

We’re also joined by a rotating group of cohosts! Check out their other projects and support them as well!

Justin Corbett (Mindfudge Comedy Podcast)
Cary Gordon (Metal Geeks Podcast)
Travis Russell (Photographer)
James Gossett (Professional Beef Eater)
George Tripsas (Mindfudge Comedy Podcast)
Junior Podcaster DONONON (Donovan Echlin)
And the occasional guest! You never know who might show up!